If you are single and about to head to college you are probably very excited about the new life ahead of you. A broad spectrum of new beginnings is on your horizon, and you might even be excited about the prospect of meeting someone special. But if everyone around you is talking about nothing but the bar scene, you might be feeling a little dismayed. It's not that you don't like having fun once in a while, but your life is not in line with the bar scene any more. So how can you have the college lifestyle that you're so excited about, without getting caught up in the bar scene? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions on the very topic to give you creative ideas for custom writing on how you can enjoy the single life when you are in college.

Is Partying the Only Thing for Single College Students to Do?

If you are just learning about your college scene, then it might seem that drinking and partying is the only thing to do after class. With frat parties and keggers cropping up in almost every hallway, this would be a natural question. Partying may be a number one past time for young singles, but there is a whole new world for adult singles at college today. The Department of Education reports that 13 percent of new students at college in the year 2019 were divorced, and entering as adult students. This means that if you too fall in this category, you are not going to be alone while trying to enjoy your college life. A little research is all you will need to find a creative way to enjoy the single life at college without the bar scene.

What On Campus Activities Are Available for Singles?

There are a wide range of activities planned on most college campuses that offer you an excellent way to meet like minded singles. Whether you are interested in sororities and fraternities, or clubs and athletics, most colleges have extracurricular programs to meet every need. Many colleges also offer spiritual or religious based groups and clubs if you are looking to meet someone of the same faith as you. Or you can join clubs that are related to your study, such as a science club or a theater club. Here you will meet people that are probably even in the same classes as you, and this is a great way to make friends on campus as well.

What Off Campus Activities Are Available for Single Students?

If you are looking for some off campus activities for single students, you can approach this problem the same way you would if you were in your own hometown. Ask yourself the questions, what do you like to do, what would you like to participate in while you are enjoying the college life? You may consider joining a gym if you do not want to use the one on campus, join a dance or pilates program, or find a club or group that interests you. The best place to start looking if you are interested in something specific is with the community center of the city that your college is located in. Here you will find a wealth of information on clubs and interests that you can engage in while at college.

What Are the Best Places to Meet Singles?

Other than the clubs and types of activities both on and off campus already mentioned, there are as many places to meet singles as there are singles on the planet. Some ideas are to begin studying in social or public settings, like your school library or coffee shop. A local Starbucks is a great people watching center where you can bring your laptop and books and make conversation with people. Book stores are also great places to meet people when you are a student. If there is a lounge or hang out section near the department of your course of study, you will not only meet other singles here, but singles that are interested in the same things as you are as well.

What is the Most Important Tip for Single College Students?

Safety should always be your biggest priority when you are enjoying the single life. Always practice common sense when you are meeting other singles, and never put your own health or safety at risk just for the thought of meeting someone exciting. Meet in public places for the first several dates, and simply date responsibly. As far as the most important tip for meeting people in the first place, putting yourself out there is the best and only way you will meet people. If you aren't socializing to begin with, you will never have the opportunity to meet that special new someone.

When it comes to handling the lifestyle that comes with being a single college student, common sense should always prevail. Always keep your personal safety and health as your biggest priority, and know that a bar or a club is only one of countless ways to meet single students just like you. Whether you are looking on campus or off, there are many ways to meet and enjoy the single life in college without compromising your study. You might even find that you meet someone in your program that enjoys all of the same interests that you do. The most important thing to do to meet that person in the first place, is to put yourself out there. You are the one that controls your destiny when it comes to enjoying college life for all that it has to offer.

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